Throwing and Catching the Superang

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catching not that easy!

Throwing and Catching the Superang

Superangs are designed to be thrown and caught and as they are safe modern boomerang you can have fun with confidence that you are not going to hurt! First things first, you must read and understand the THROWING INSTRUCTIONS!

So SAFETY is paramount. It's not good to throw boomerangs at people and you need space to throw with. The Superang can be
thrown in a backyard, park, beach with a diameter of about 16 meters. The wind is essential and if the wind is gusty and strong - GO FLY A KITE! A gentle breeze, to no wind, is best.

The Superangs need tuning, they are designed for left or right hand throwers.
Holding the Superang so that the flat side of the Superang is away from you, twist each blade anticlockwise if you are right handed thrower or clockwise if you are a left handed thrower. Twist the blade so that there is a about a 10 degrees aerofoil. The Outdoor Superangs have built in memory so this should hold. This is an important step to throwing successfully, understanding tuning and by experimenting you can see the effects.

Read the wind and find wind direction. It is sometimes useful to drop grass or leaves to see which way the wind is blowing.
Throwing the boomerang flat like a frisbee is dangerous! The boomerang should be held vertical when you release it (watch
out for the twist of your wrist at the the end of your throw, this is a common mistake by beginners).
Holding the boomerang with flat side away, grip the Superang between the thumb and the forefinger with your fingers in a closed fist grip. Raise your arm and cock your wrist back for maximum spin. Spin counts more than power! The throw is like a snap of the wrist like a dart. It is good not to throw too hard at first, but as you get experience and according to wind conditions you can throw
harder. The Superang needs to be thrown across the wind of about an angle of 45-90 degrees. The Superang will fly anti clockwise for a right hander and clockwise for lefties!

Adjustments in your tuning may have to be made for wind conditions and your throwing technique.
To reduce the range, or the Superang dives down on it's return journey, bend wings up towards the center, and the boomerang should hover longer.In strong winds, or if the Superang returns back too soon, or you need more range, bend arms down.

Catching the Superang is easy if you have thrown it correctly!
To successfully catch the Superang with two hands one each side, like a clap feels great, but you can catch with one hand or what ever! This is where exercise comes in. Running around after your Superang keeps you fit which is exactly what kids need with the modern day addiction to screens!!! Throw, catch, throw, catch count the number of times you can catch it without dropping the Superang is a challenge! Having fun while keeping fit, with the safe Superang is an obvious choice!

dogs will beat you to it
tuning the Superang is necessary
Big bro teaching little bro
young children love the bright colours of the Superang