FlyingToyz boomerangs

Aussie Magic Sport Boomerang

Australian Aborigines invented it, FlyingToyz made it user friendly. With a range of about 35 meters, this is the real thing. AUSSIE MAGIC is made of durable plastic, and available in bright fluorescent colours.Professional throwers, often comment that it is easily one of the best plastic boomerangs on the market!!

Aussie Magic over Bland-Bay
Way to throw the Aussie Magic Boomerang
Catching the Aussie Magic


FlyingToyz have come up with the world’s safest outdoor boomerang that really works. Made with the latest thermoforming technology combining plastic and foam, the Aussie Superang has the advantage of structure from the plastic insert and soft, safe outer skin provided from the foam. With a range of about 6- 8 meters, the coloured foam Aussie Superang is a safe boomerang, and suitable for use by children of all ages. With fitness and outdoor activity becoming increasingly important, children and teenages have become more and more obese, the Superang is designed for all to enjoy and play outside. Throwing and catching, running around and keeping up with the Superang is fun and tests your endurance. Kids and teenages love this boomerang! Trick catches are easy with the SUPERANG . Try juggling, doubling, one handed on your head or behind your back catches, if you can...

FlyingToyz Indoor Superang is made of soft colourful foam. With a true boomerang flight the Indoor Superang is a must have for all who love to play! Whether it is for the office or coffee table the Indoor Superang always looks innovative and contemporary as a modern boomerang. Learning to throw the boomerang is easy with an Indoor Superang as it softly comes back and is a delight for all!


Catching the Superang
Superang at the beach
Indoor Superangs are Fun!

Wooden Boomerangs

Wooden Boomerangs are professionally handcrafted and painted by Ross Robertson using aviation birch plywood, the best plywood in the world.

The Arrow is made of 10ply and is a light weight boomerang, with a range of about 30 meters. This popular boomerang flies consistently and is an easy throw.

The Oceania uses 12 ply giving it more weight and it has a long range of about 40- 50 meters when thrown properly. The Oceania needs a strong throw to fly graceful and come back.


Aussie Arrow Boomerang

The Arrow

Oceania Boomerang