FlyingToyz Boomerangs are sport products designed to be thrown and caught.


Never throw in windy conditions.
Find a sheltered area, clear of people, objects and trees with at least a 50-meter radius for the Aussie Magic Sport Boomerang, the Performance boomerangs and a  10-meter radius for the Outdoor Superangs.
Ensure throwing instructions are understood!


Left or Right Handed Thrower?

*Aussie Magic Sport boomerang is built and designed for right-handed throwers.
Left-handed throwers can throw across their body in the same angle as right-handed throwers.

If you’re left-handed it is probably more natural to throw a “left-handed” boomerang which is designed and built to spin and circle in the opposite direction to a right-handed one, and is a mirror image of the right-handed boomerang.

*FlyingToyz Superangs are designed to be left or right handed (see "Tuning of the Superangs").

*Alternately the FlyingToyz wooden performance boomerangs come in left or right handed.

Tuning the Superangs

The Superang can be tuned either left or right throwers.

Hold your Superang with the flat side down. Twist each blade 10 degrees as shown for either right or left hand tuning.

The Indoor Superang can be tuned easily by folding together all wings towards the middle and release. This effects the dihedral of the flight (the circumference of the flight is small or larger)



Hold the boomerang near the tip with the flat side away from you. Grip the boomerang with a pinch grip.


Face the breeze, now aim at 45 degrees to the right of the breeze and just above the horizon,(right for right tuned boomerangs and left for left handed tuned Superangs).The Aussie Magic is made for right handed throwers only, and wooden boomerangs are made as needed.



The boomerang should be thrown so that it is close to the vertical, across the wind.


Throw it forward and upwards like a dart towards the horizon, using a fast spinning vertical motion.

Use a snap of the wrist throw.

Spin counts more than power.


Thrown correctly, the boomerang will return to the thrower from the left hand side(for right tuned booms and right side for left handed tuned Superangs). Aiming for the middle as it hovers down, clap hands together catching the boomerang.

The Catch

The Catch

Left Handed Tuning

Right Handed Tuning

The Grip

The Grip

The Throw Right Handed

Left handed Throwing

The Throw Left Handed