Aussie Superang


Aussie Superang is made of safe foam, range 6-8 meters. and is a fun backyard boomerang

Aussie Superangs are the latest boomerang! This advanced boomerang has brought boomerangs into the 21Century. Perfect for the adventure sport-oriented people. Carry in your back pocket, your backpack..anywhere really! Learn the latest games! 
FlyingToyz has come up with the world’s safest outdoor boomerang that really works – Aussie Superang. Made with the latest thermoforming technology combining plastic and foam, the Aussie Superang has the advantage of structure from the plastic insert and soft, safe outer skin provided from the foam. With a range of about 6- 8 meters, the coloured foam Aussie SUPERANG is a safe boomerang, and suitable for use by children of all ages.
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