Superang Games

Games to Play with Superangs

Fun time Superang the only boomerang you'll ever need!
Aussie Superang for that adventurous sporting moment!

After you have mastered your Superang: – you have read the instructions and can throw and catch the Aussie Superang quite regularly.

Fast Catch Superang

Place a marker ( a cone is good) on the ground then throw and catch the Superang 5 times from the mark. Catches can be taken away from the mark but the thrower must return back to the marker to throw the next throw. The time is recorded after 5 catches with the thrower returning to the mark, on the last catch. The winner is the one with the shortest time for the 5 catches.


Similar to Fast Catch Superang, but the time is set eg..5 min, 15min etc. The winner is the one with the most throw and catches.


The Superang is thrown from a bull’s-eye and is not caught or touched, to land as close as possible to the bull’s-eye.

A Bull’s-eye can be painted on the grass similar to the picture above ..5 circles..

The bull’s eye is marked at 1 meter intervals up to 5 meter radius (see bull’s-eye).

Points are allocated accordingly: 5 points inside the bull’s eye out to 1 point for landing in the 5 meter circle.

Throw 5 throws each and add up the points. Person with the most points wins.

Trick Catching

Trick Catches

Trick catches are throwing and catching a series different trick catches- (with various levels of difficulty)

Examples: Right-hand only, Left-hand only, between the legs (tunnel catch), behind the back, foot catch (lie on your back and catch with 2 feet)

The person with the most trick catches wins…


Throwing two Superangs at once, and catching them both. The most catches in a row ( 2 catches per throw), wins. To be able to throw and catch 2 Superangs they should be tuned so that the Superang on top has less dihedral or less flight path and less hover than the bottom Superang.