• Kiwi Magic happening..Summertime fun
    Kiwi Magic happening..Summertime fun
  • too much fun!
    too much fun!
  • catching the Superang is easy
    catching the Superang is easy
  • keeps you fit..
    keeps you fit..
  • the spirit of the Superang
    the spirit of the Superang
  • Outdoor Superang
    Outdoor Superang
  • inside fun..
    inside fun..
  • Kiwi Magic
    Kiwi Magic
  • Aussie Magic
    Aussie Magic
  • Vibe 1.3m
    Vibe 1.3m
  • FlyingToyz

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Boomerang History

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Boomerang Instructions

Boomerang Instructions SAFETY NEVER THROW YOUR BOOMERANG IN WINDY CONDITIONS Find a sheltered area, clear of people, objects and trees with at least 10 metre radius. Ensure throwing instructions are understood.   IF... READ MORE